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It's here - the revised and expanded Drug Identification Bible, making this the must-have resource for all law enforcement agencies.

More than 180 new full-color, actual-size photos of DEA Scheduled prescription drugs, like oxycodone, morphine, methadone, etc., with a total of more than 1050 full-color, actual size photos of DEA scheduled prescription drugs for easy side-by-side identification. Hundreds of new tablet and capsule imprints enable you to identify more than 13,000 prescription and over-the-counter drugs on the spot.

Comprehensive medical information on DEA scheduled prescription drugs. More than 150 new photos of illicit drugs, packaging and paraphernalia, with a total of more than 900 illicit drug-related photos. Sources, methods of use, purity levels and street prices for all major illicit drugs.

Did you know that "A" is a street name for LSD, or that Abe means $5 worth of a drug? You will with our new street-slang updates, with more than 3,000 drug-related terms and slang - the language of the drug culture.

Drugs ID Bible