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 Narcotic Field Test Cases

Forensic Narcotics Testing Case

The Forensic Narcotic Testing Case is especially developed for forensic officers in charge of narcotic testing in the field and laboratory.  

Drug Recognition Expert Case

The Drug Recognition Expert Case is especially developed for Drug Recognition Experts. The D.R.E. Case is designed to use in the field. Easy to take with you in your car.

Party Narcotics Identification Case

The Party Narcotics Identification Case is especially developed for testing substances in the club scene (dance-events etc.) Easy to carry case.

Field Test Case

The Field Test Case (F.T.C.) is packed in a strong high quality carrying case.

Precursor Identification Case

MMC developed also many precursor tests and therefore we also designed a precursor case.

Narcotics Education Case

This Narcotics Education Case is a great help for narcotic officers, police academies and

other Law Enforcement Agencies to provide a better awareness of illicit drugs during training sessions.

Empty Carrying Cases

All technical specification on request