Baggage Scanner – 3 Reasons to Invest in One

With the global rise in crime and the transport of illicit goods, it is wise to monitor baggage to ensure it doesn’t contain contraband items. Whether you run a small corporation, a governmental department, an educational institution, or a legal firm, one thing is for sure; you want to ensure that your premises remain protected at all times. This is why so many businesses invest in x-ray baggage scanners. These devices offer a sure way to guarantee ultimate safety and security. With these reliable check-point screening solutions at your disposal, you can rest assured that your building won’t be a hotbed for crime.

When you invest in superior x-ray detection baggage scanners from a reputable supplier like Khomanani Security, you can enjoy the following advantages:

Premium Image Quality

Thanks to their superior image detection capabilities, these machines allow security personnel to clearly see the contents of each bag. Our machines offer high-visibility 3D images, as well as a 360-degree view of the bag and its contents. This allows x-ray baggage scanners to produce superior images so that all items can be clearly identified.


With several models available, our machines boast ultimate versatility. Whether you need a smaller machine for parcels and packages, mid-sized devices for briefcases and laptop bags, or larger scanners for luggage and cargo, we have something for every need. Moreover, these machines can pick up many materials, from contraband items like drugs, explosives, and weapons, to liquids, cigarettes, medications, and more. This ensures that all items are identified before entering the premises or flight.

Peace of Mind

X-ray baggage scanners also offer staff, customers, passengers, and security personnel ultimate peace of mind. When you know that every bag will be scanned, you can rest assured that any harmful items will be confiscated prior to entering the building. When you add a walk-through body scanner to the mix, too, you can also guarantee that each person entering the premises is also void of any potential security threats.

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Browse our wide variety of baggage scanners here and enjoy a comprehensive collection of machines that boast high-resolution imaging and enhanced threat-detection capabilities. We even also offer special airline varieties which allow passengers to keep liquids and electronic devices in their bags. This feature speeds up the security process since passengers no longer have to empty their pockets or transfer items in their bags into clear packets. Moreover, these machines can effectively pick up the contents of even the most cluttered bags, zooming in and pinpointing items specifically for added reliability.

With close two decades in the security sector, we are well-versed in detection systems and have extensive experience in numerous industries, including aviation, corporate institutions, and government. Get in touch today to explore our range of security solutions, including x-ray baggage screening machines, metal detectors, IR body temperature scanners, and portable x-ray solutions. Give us a call at +27 (0) 11 425 3609 or send us a message. We will happily answer any queries or concerns and get back to you with the necessary information.

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