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Khomanani X-ray Security solutions and systems provide technologies that limit illegal activities and minimize threats, without affecting global trade. As a result of escalating cross-border smuggling, authorities need rigorously to monitor imports, exports, transit traffic and people for illicit goods and dangerous materials.

Borders are essential for economic prosperity through travel and trade. Protecting them is critical if homeland security and national safety are to prevail. As a result of escalating cross-border smuggling and the trade of contraband items such as illegal substances and weapons, authorities need to rigorously monitor imports, exports, transit traffic, and all people crossing borders for illicit goods and dangerous materials.

Khomanani X-ray Systems provides technologies to prevent illegal activities and minimise threats without affecting global trade or travel. We have specialised solutions for lawful entry and exit at all points to enhance overall safety. Our machines are specifically tailored to monitor an array of goods of varying sizes, further bolstering homeland security and the safety of all personnel. Our top-notch devices add peace of mind and can quickly scan a myriad of goods with efficiency. We have fixed and portable solutions for added ease.

Our systems include, x-ray baggage screening machines, portable x-ray systems, walk through metal detectors, portable x-ray generator, real-time x-ray inspection, handheld metal detectors, IR body temperature scanners, portable x-ray security solutions.

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