Rental Walk Through Metal Detectors

Walk through Metal Detectors play an important part in ensuring people are safe by detecting concealed weapons such as guns or knives. They are also useful in detecting foil wrapped drugs and precious metals associated with jewellery or antiques theft.

Walk through metal detectors are typically found at airports, but increasingly they are being used in a variety of locations including public buildings, sports grounds and even in some schools and colleges.

If a walk through detector indicates that something metallic has been detected on a person the detector can pinpoint where the detected metal object is located using multiple detection zones.

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  • Walk Through Metal Detectors
  • Overall Exterior Dimensions
  • Passenger Interior Dimensions
  • Zone Indications
  • Networking
  • Sensitivity
  • Standard Programs
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  • SE3307 Multizone
  • Overall Exterior Dimensions 2210mm (H) x 880mm (W) x 670mm (D)
  • Passenger Interior Dimensions 2010mm (H) x 760mm (W) x 580mm (D)
  • Zone Indications 33 independent zones
  • Networking Optional
  • Sensitivity 1000 grades adjustable
  • Standard Program 60 (built in)
  • Units in Stock 0
  • Units Currently Available 0
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  • GARRETT PD6500i
  • Overall Exterior Dimensions 900mm (W) x 2210mm (H) x 580mm (D)
  • Passenger Interior Dimensions 760mm (W) x 2030mm (H) x 580mm (D)
  • Zone Indications 33 independent zones
  • Networking optional
  • Sensitivity Up to 200 distinct sensitivity levels
  • Standard Program Over 20 application programs
  • Units in Stock 10
  • Units Currently Available 8
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