Get Temperature Scanners for The Early Detection of Possible Health Threats

The worldwide health crisis has brought about new challenges for governments on how to deal with infectious diseases. Fortunately, with proven technologies available, it is possible to use, for instance, body temperature scanners at airports, shopping centres, corporate parks, and medical centres to detect elevated skin temperatures that can be indicative of underlying health issues.

To minimise the risk of causing excessive waiting times for people who need to enter public spaces or use transport systems, the detection solutions must facilitate quick and accurate elevated skin temperature detection. Municipal authorities, emergency services, shopping centre and shop owners, hospitals, schools, and the likes can purchase reliable equipment to meet health and safety compliance requirements. Our firm has proven and sophisticated, yet user-friendly scanners available at affordable rates.

SE101 Temperature Scanners

Portable temperature scanners are lightweight in design and can be used by emergency workers in the field, office security staff members, and shop security personnel to accurately detect the body temperatures of individuals. The non-contact characteristic helps to prevent the spreading of pathogens due to touch, while it also makes it possible for the operator to keep a safe distance from the individual being scanned. It uses body infrared detection technology and is fitted with a voice alert to announce whether the reading is normal or abnormal.

The SE101 can be used as a standalone detection system or integrated with walk-through metal detection systems at access control systems, such as airports and hospital entrances. It can also be integrated with disinfection systems. The system can handle scanning for up to 60 persons per minute.

SE-20109 Temperature Scanners

The portable device uses non-contact infrared technology to measure human body temperature and comes with a voice alert system to notify the operator of a normal or abnormal reading. It can be used on its own or as part of a walk-through metal detector or disinfectant station. As many as 60 persons can be scanned per minute.

SE-20102 Scanners

The face ID scanning device measures human body temperature through the application of infrared thermal imaging technology. The system utilises non-contact technology for fast and efficient temperature measurement while using voice technology for feedback on the measurement result, including informing the operator when the temperature of the scanned individual is higher than the safe threshold. The system can scan up to 70 persons per minute.

The unit comes with a hand sanitizer for convenient and safe sanitising upon entering and exiting the premises. Through the use of the system, two objectives can be achieved:

  • Temperature detection for the early identification of possible infectious people.
  • Sanitising to help prevent the spreading of a particular disease due to contact with surfaces. The sanitizer efficiently disinfects hands.

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We have a proven track record of quality products, including being a supplier of X-ray and metal detection equipment to government and corporate institutions, as well as operators in the aviation industry. Our screening technology has been proven in the field.

Download the brochures for each of the scanners for more information to determine which one is best-suited for your applications. Get in touch with us to discuss order and pricing information.

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