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4 Benefits of X-Ray Security Scanners

Parcel scanner machines are common in numerous sectors, from airports and casinos to government embassies and legal firms. In fact, it’s almost impossible to imagine traveling or entering high-risk spaces without x-ray machines and scanners in the modern world. These scanning machines come in an array of models and size options, ensuring that every type of parcel can be scanned with superior efficiency and ease. Here we explore four benefits of choosing Khomanani Security and our premium baggage scanners:

  • Premium machines: Here at Khomnani, we pride ourselves on superior-grade machines. Whether you need large-scale machines to scan cargo, medium-sized ones to scan luggage, or smaller machines for mail and parcel purposes, we have a range to suit your every need. Moreover, we have both fixed machines and portable ones for added ease. If you have a pop-up event, utilise a portable device and ensure that safety is guaranteed.
  • Great prices: We aim to offer clients premium products at an affordable price. No longer does quality machinery have to completely break the bank. When you work with a reputable industry player like Khomanai,
  • Enhanced peace of mind: The best thing about our parcel scanner machines is the peace of mind that they offer. No longer do you have to worry about contraband items entering your premises or place of work with these scanners. They will quickly pick up any dangerous and illegal goods before they post a potential threat to your building, employees, and visitors.
  • Versatility: There is an x-ray scanner machine for every size of the parcel. When it comes to our small parcel scanners, we have four premium models. These multi-energy systems utilise start-of-the-art technological innovation to offer security personnel highly visible images. This allows for quick and easy object observation so that operators can pick up on any suspicious goods fast before they become a threat. When it comes to our dynamic range, we have machines to scan the following sizes of baggage: Mail and small parcels, hand luggage, larger bags, and cargo goods. This makes us the perfect one-stop solution for all scanning and security needs.

Why Choose Khomanani Security?

We have been in the business of security since 2004, servicing and supplying x-ray systems for various industries, including government departments, corporate institutions, and the aviation sector. We strive to make our planet a safer place, one machine at a time and strive to be a global leader in the security sector. We’re passionate about all things security and commit to offering every client professionalism, integrity, and expert service. We also work super hard to ensure that all employees are treated with the utmost respect and care and, in 2019, achieve a zero-incident injury rate. We believe that even one injury is an injury to many, and this is why we prioritise the well-being of all clients and staff.

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