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3 Reasons to Invest in Security X-Ray Scanners from Khomanani Security

Security X-Ray Scanner screening is a common practice in various settings, including airports, casinos, conference centres, educational institutions, financial corporations, prisons, government departments, and more. Security x-ray scanners identify potentially dangerous or hazardous objects or weapons via x-ray technology before they become a threat.

Originally, metal detector scanners were used to scan people and identify contraband items; however, with innovations in image mapping technology, x-ray machines have gained momentum, and now numerous varieties are available. Generalised x-ray machines, as manufactured by Khomanani Security, release a very low dose of radiation and are thus safe to use on humans.

Here we explore three reasons why your institution should invest in one of these advanced systems.

  1. Security abound: The main advantage of these machines is obviously the security factor. In recent years, the world has paid newfound attention to security mechanisms at the entrance and exit points, and these machines can offer staff and visitors ultimate peace of mind. They also act as a brilliant deterrent,  often deterring individuals from
  • Reliable technology: Thanks to specialised, high-image performance, these systems are super reliable and can pick up even the smallest of items. They are also created with durability in mind and can easily manage hundreds of scans a day. This makes them ideal in large settings that see large amounts of foot traffic like airports and huge corporate departments.
  • Versatility: Our x-ray machines boast ultimate versatility, and we stock both permanent models and portable ones for those on-the-go events. Whether you need to scan small parcels, large-scale cargo items, or guests entering your premises, we have it all.

Explore our vast range of x-ray machines here, and search via the size and type that you need. We offer clients the following categories: small parcel and mail scanners, hand luggage scanners, large bag scanners, cargo scanners, and portable machines. Thus, whatever your industry, we have security mechanisms that can keep all personnel safe and ensure that no dangerous items enter your premises.

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If you want to up your security game and invest in reliable technology that you can trust, chat with our team. We stock a range of products, including IR body temperature scanners, x-ray baggage screening machines, metal detectors (hand-through and walk-through varieties), and portable x-ray solutions. If you need any help with regards to choosing the best machine for your needs, fill in our quick enquiry form here, and we will happily get in touch. We also offer clients maintenance plans available in silver, gold, and platinum. Whether you need a new machine or first-class maintenance and support, we are always of service. We also offer rental options for those not yet ready to purchase their own machine. We have been in the business of security since 2004 and pride ourselves on high-quality customer service, durable machinery, and product excellence. We look forward to working with you and ensuring that all of your security needs are met.

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