Luggage X-Ray Scanners – A Variety and Their Uses

Technology plays a tremendous role in helping us make public spaces safe that are otherwise at risk of terrorist attacks or can act as a gateway for contraband. These spaces include government buildings, corporate offices, borders, and travel hubs, to name but a few. Khomanani X-ray Systems is a proud supplier of cargo and luggage scanners that form the backbone of security screening measures.

The luggage screening machines available through Khomanani X-ray Systems can be categorised into four groups in terms of the size of the parcels they scan:

  1. Mail and Small Parcel

These parcel and luggage X-ray screening machines are ideal for ensuring that mail, parcels, and small packages that go through the screening machine don’t contain any forbidden objects or contraband. These machines are typically capable of detecting organic and inorganic items such as weapons, explosives, and narcotics. With a compact design, they are ideal for security inspection of hand-carried articles at airports, customs, railway stations, government buildings, mailrooms, courts, and many other public gathering situations.

  1. Hand Luggage

These X-ray scanners are designed for screening hand luggage, small parcels and packages, and small-sized cargo. They typically generate detailed, easily interpreted images that are sufficient for the identification of organic and inorganic contraband and items such as weapons, explosives, and narcotics. Similar to above, these are ideal for use at airports, customs, railway stations, government buildings, mailrooms, courts, and other public scenarios where medium-sized parcels need to be scanned effectively and at a fast rate.

  1. Large Baggage

These models are designed for screening aircraft hold baggage, large parcels and packages, and medium-size cargo. Again, they are also capable of detecting both organic and inorganic items and are key in the identification of dangerous and/or illegal weapons, explosives, and narcotics that may pose a threat to the public. While they can be used in a variety of settings, they play an integral part in the security measures used at airports and customs.

  1. Cargo

These scanners are designed to make the screening of large cargo and palletised goods much quicker and more effective. They are particularly effective in the fight against large-scale smuggling of illegal or dangerous items and are popular installations at airports, docks, and other border entry points where goods are often transported.

Established in 2004, Khomanani X-ray Systems has been a trusted supplier and servicing agent of a variety of cargo and luggage scanners, and metal detection systems to the aviation industry, government departments, and corporate institutions. Get in touch with us to find out more about our products and request a quote.


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