Walk Through Metal Detector – The Benefits

If you’ve ever travelled through an airport or entered an exclusive venue or government building, you will probably have encountered a walk through metal detector. These machines scan individuals and their belongings to detect potential threats before possible harm ensues. Detection and screening technology keeps everyone safe, bolstering trust and ensuring ultimate peace of mind. These machines work via pulse induction technology, also known as PI. These systems send short pulses through wire coils and, in doing so, generate a magnetic field. When metal passes through the specialised area, it is reflected, and thus the metal is detected.

These machines have numerous advantages to public safety. When you choose Khomanani Security and our durable machines, you can enjoy the following benefits.

  • Preventing threats: The fundamental advantage of walk through metal detectors is the security factor. These machines alert security personnel to any hidden objects that might cause harm so that they can be confiscated and potential perpetrators held to account.
  • Deterring crime: While walk through metal detectors prevent actual crime, they also serve as a brilliant deterrent. They send a clear message that criminal activity will not be tolerated, and since they will sound the alarm if contraband items are found, they act as a fantastic deterrent. This offers added peace of mind to travellers, government employees, and anyone working in a high-profile environment that might be vulnerable to threats.
  • Used in a variety of industries: Walk through metal detectors are popular in myriad industries from airports and border ports to governmental departments, embassies and schools. Any place that wants to jack up on security can benefit from these machines, safe in the knowledge that any potential threats will be picked up before harm ensues.
  • A range of models at Khomanani Security: When it comes to our walk through metal detectors, we have a range of models available. Top models include:
  • SE3307 Multizone: This walk through metal detector is specially manufactured for high sensitivity environments, such as prisons, courthouses, and government institutions. This machine provides precision pinpointing and uniform detection with premium features, including independent zone indicator lights, modular design, and password protection for ultimate security. 
  • This walk through metal detection system is an industry leader, boasting premium pinpoint technology and advanced networking ability.  With 33 susceptible detection zones, this is a popular option in international airports, government departments and correctional facilities.
  • Portable Fold-Up Multizone: Ideal for festivals and pop-up events, this portable walk through metal detector offers ultimate mobility and quick and easy installation. Thanks to the built-in battery pack, it can operate in remote locations without electricity and is entirely self-sufficient.

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