X-Ray Baggage Screening Machines – The Key Advantages

Safety and security are primary considerations in today’s world, and at some point or another, most of us have encountered an X-ray baggage screening machine of sorts. Whether it’s whilst going through security at the airport, entering a governmental department, or attending a large-scale music festival or event, these machines prevail. So, how exactly do these devices work and why are they so beneficial when it comes to safety? 

How X-Ray Baggage Screening Machines Work 

X-Ray baggage screening machines utilise dual-energy x-ray technology to scan bags and determine whether the items inside them are safe. Bags are usually placed on a conveyer belt and enter into a specialised tunnel. The machine’s x-ray beam then scans items. Depending on how much radiation penetrates them, different colours emerge. A computer system creates an almost real-time image of the items within the bag and security teams can see what is inside.

In days gone by, these systems showcased black and white images alone; however, as technology has advanced, colour options have developed, making identification a much easier feat. Different materials absorb different amounts of energy, and subsequently, different colours correlate to diverse materials. Organic materials (like textiles, water, wood, or plastics) appear orange, whereas inorganic materials (like metal) reflect as blue. Denser materials are darker, as not as much radiation is absorbed. Based on the colour and computer-generated imagery, security personnel can glean a clear idea about the various items in the bags and determine whether they are safe. 

Key Advantages

X-Ray baggage screening machines have myriad advantages; here we explore them in greater detail:

  • Guaranteed security: The core benefit of these machines is that they ensure safety. They assist security officers to detect potentially hazardous or harmful items (such as weapons, chemicals, narcotics, or explosives) beforeany possible harm occurs. This ability keeps everyone safe and ensures that contraband items are confiscated before they pose a risk.
  • Saving time: Since these machines can scan thousands of bags per hour, they save a great deal of time and prevent security personnel from having to go through each bag manually. In turn, this expedites the security check process and saves clients or passengers from spending hours in long queues. 
  • Diverse applications: X-ray baggage screening machines can be used in an array of industries. Here at Khomanani Security, we service various sectors and have machines that can scan a variety of goods, including mail and small parcels, hand luggage, larger bags, and cargo. We also stock portable devices, ideally suited for smaller-scale pop-up events. 

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We’ve been in the X-ray industry since 2004 and have supplied an array of industries (from aviation to governmental departments) with our premium metal detectors and world-class security solutions. Our technological devices strive to enhance safety and facilitate security personnel in eradicating potential harm before it becomes a threat. Explore our exclusive x-ray baggage screening machines here and contact the Khomanani team for information and advice on the latest security systems. We strive to make the world a safer place, one machine at a time. 

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