HP-SE8065C is a multi-energy x-ray baggage scanner


The HP-SE8065C is a multi-energy x-ray baggage scanner security inspection system equipped with state of the art X-ray imaging technology. It provides high resolution and ultra-clear images for easy object identification with the latest technology of computer control and imaging processing. With a compact design, it is ideal for security inspection of hand-carried articles at:

  • airports & customs,
  • railway stations,
  • government buildings,
  • mailrooms and the,
  • courts.

The HP-SE8065C is capable of detecting organic and inorganic items such as weapons, explosives and narcotics using 7 color software which significantly enhances the operators ability to identify suspicious items and improve throughput with more effective screening.

The HP-SE8065C provides detailed, easily interpreted X-ray images, with a background-contrast function that improves the identification of objects on the screen with the added feature of providing real time diagnostics on its operating status, ensuring easy handling and troubleshooting.

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Machine Dimensions 4036mm (L) x 1220mm (W) x 1480mm (H)
Tunnel Size (W x H / CM) 810mm (W) x 655mm (H)
Penetration 36mm steel typical
Generator Voltage 140kv
Conveyor Capacity 200kg evenly distributed load
Single / Dual View Dual view (multi energy)
Conveyor Height 380mm
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